CCD Sensors

S8982 & S100127

Hamamatsu CCD area image sensors have extremely low noise and can acquire image signals with a high signal to noise ratio. Hamamatsu CCD area image sensors use an FFT-CCD that achieves a 100% fill factor and collects light with zero loss, making them ideal for high precision measurements.

They are available as front or back-illuminated. Front-illuminated X-ray imaging CCDs are coupled to an FOS (Fibre Optic Plate coated with an X-ray scintillator such as CsI) and are radiation hard, as the FOS also serves as an X-ray shield.

Back-illuminated CCDs detect light from the rear of the Si substrate. This allows an optimal photosensitive area to be formed on the rear side, separately from the CCD fabrication process. Back-illuminated CCDs have a particular role to play in low energy NDT applications of <20 KeV, where they are able to directly detect X-ray photons and provide a high signal.


Comparison: Front-illuminated vs. back-thinned typ

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