Microfocus X-ray Sources - open type

Open Type X-ray Tube L1071

Hamamatsu Photonics produce a wide range of Microfocus X-ray sources, that are ideal for the non-destructive inspection of metallic components used in automotive, industrial, aerospace and electronics industries.

Open type sources are capable of spot sizes of < 1 µm enabling up to 1000 times magnification. Unlike the 'sealed' X-ray tube, the ‘open’ X-ray tube requires a vacuum to be made continuously within the tube. However, the ‘open’ X-ray tube allows higher magnification to be achieved because the focal spot can be much closer to the sample; a small focal point prevents blurring of X-ray images and delivers a sharp, enlarged image. Angled inspection views can be achieved without loss of magnification, owing to the large X-ray cone angle. Ongoing self-maintenance is also possible with replacement of the target.

The family of Hamamatsu Photonics open type tubes are available within 3 different tube voltages (110kV, 160kV and 230kV).

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