Wheels and tire inspection

Wheel and Tire Inspection

A typical car or truck tire and its appearance is something everybody is familiar with, but the modern technology and complex construction of this product is hidden inside the rubber. The steel belt and the carcass - which are composed of various layers of cord, rayon and steel - are critical structures for the performance and safety of a tire. Although several inspection methods are used during the tire manufacturing processes, examination by X-rays is considered to be the final quality check of the finished tire.

X-ray tire inspection is a procedure not just applied for the final check of a brand new tire. High-priced tires for trucks, earthmovers and aircrafts etc, have their treads commonly replaced, with some of these products being re-treaded several, times or even up to 10 times in the case of an airplane tire. From a commercial point of view, it is a reasonable step to analyze the performance of the inner structure of the tire before applying the costly re-treading process.


In combination with a panoramic X-ray source, the Hamamatsu X-ray line scan camera C9750-27FCC/D with its unique C-shaped design, gives you the opportunity to acquire a real time X-ray image of the whole tire by just one rotation. This X-ray image enables an operator or automated software to reject defect tires from the production line.

The highly sensitive C-shape camera with its wide dynamic range makes a reliable inspection possible even at the highest scanning speeds. To make sure no information gets lost, a special sensor alignment and scintillator configuration provides an horizontal resolution of 3456 pixels without any significant mechanical gap (<1 pixel).

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