Direct X-ray Imaging Cameras

Direct X-ray Camera C8000-30D

Hamamatsu Photonics direct detection X-ray cameras are able to detect low energy X-rays without the use of a scintillator. This therefore offers many benefits including improved spatial and energy resolution, high quantum efficiency and good linearity of response.

Hamamatsu offers 3 main types of camera, suitable for different energy ranges:

  • Back-thinned CCD cameras for 20 eV to 2 keV.
  • Front-illuminated CCD cameras for 3 keV to 10 keV.
  • Deep depletion based CCD cameras for energies above 10 keV.

Hamamatsu direct X-ray detection cameras are based on our wide range of scientific CCD cameras, so you can expect the same high quality, excellent customer support and continual technical development.

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