Line Scan Cameras

Line Scan Camera application example

Performing X-ray in-line inspection of objects for defects and contamination is a vital part of product quality control. A line scan camera, which is a single element linear sensor, is a good choice for in-line inspection as it is faster, has a longer lifetime and requires less X-ray radiation thus simplifies cabinet design.

X-ray line scan cameras can take a high-sensitivity, high-resolution X-ray image of an inspected object transported on a belt conveyor or similar apparatus. The cameras are suitable for broad interior X-ray observation, enabling the detection of a foreign body mixed in food, electronic components, etc.

By adopting a thin sensor head with a thickness of only 50 mm, installation inside a conveyor is possible. Internal observation of a large object has been difficult until now, however the wide inspection area now makes this possible.

With both 10 & 12-bit digital-signal output, data processing and analysis can be performed on a computer. Features include high-speed read-out, low energy response down to 10 kV and 200 μm pitch size. Various interfaces are available, including RS-422, CameraLink, USB & Gig-E.For tire inspection, Hamamatsu manufactures C-shaped line scan cameras (C9750-27FCC and C9750-27FCD) with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. Just one tire rotation is all that is required to image and inspect the whole tire.


Line Scan Camera Principle

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