X-ray Sources

Photo 1: Microfocus X-ray sources

Since 1992, Hamamatsu Microfocus X-ray sources’ (MFX) have been designed to guarantee the highest performance in the field of X-ray non-destructive testing. Our Microfocus X-ray sources can realize spot sizes of just a few microns, or even down to the sub-micron range, to avoid blurring whilst using high geometrical magnifications. Combined with the smallest focal spot shift and high output power stability, it makes our MFX the optimum choice for X-ray computed tomography, in-line inspection and any kind of quality check that requires a high resolution of detail.

Hamamatsu offers sealed and open type X-ray sources with a maximum tube voltage range from 90 kVp up to 230 kVp. All products feature an implemented and very compact high voltage power generator. Most mono block X-ray sources are operated by a 24 Volt DC power supply and controlled by an RS-232C interface, enabling easy integration to your system.

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